Celeb Tweetup: OMG Kanye’s On Twitter (Sort Of)

Ever since Kanye West went and joined Twitter today, the Internet has exploded with retweeted excitement. Except really, isn’t the only “newsy” part of this story the fact that Kanye West wasn’t on Twitter until today? The rapper was like made for Twitter, and it’s sort of weird that now that he’s on the service, he’s spell-checking and not typing in all caps. Very un-Kanye. We say: Kanye’s hired one of those Ghost-Twitter writers, like 50 Cent did. He’s just a little late on the ball. Check it:

First post from Kanye (@KanyeWest):

Immediate correction of spelling error, with more spelling errors and three words in caps. We might actually believe Kanye wrote this one himself:

And then the interns take over for the rest of the day:

Meanwhile, back in Ian Somerhalder‘s (@iansomerhalder) reality:

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