Teresa Giudice Requests $3,000 For Charity Appearance

TeresaOn last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey money seemed like no object for Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe. To celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, Joe took Teresa on a helicopter tour of New York City, rented out a suite at a luxury hotel in Jersey City where they had a private dinner, and bought her a huge yellow diamond ring. We kept asking ourselves, where does he have the money for this?

During this episode and last, Joe has been dropping hints about money problems. Remember his jokes about the family moving into one of the apartments in the building he just bought? Teresa plays down his teasing, but it’s not so funny now that we know that he’s declared bankruptcy, there are plans to auction off big things from their home on August 22, and their dream house is for sale, although it’s not in foreclosure.

Maybe she’s only trying to keep her family afloat, but the most recent Teresa news is that she won’t even make an appearance at a charity event for free. Organizers of the charity Strengthen Our Sisters told Page Six that Teresa refused to show up at a New Jersey fundraiser for the organization unless she was paid $3,000. Meanwhile, lesbian pop star Lori Michaels, who may or may not be dating Teresa’s nemesis Danielle Staub, agree to show for free. Way to show Teresa. Well played.

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    • SannyD

      what a turd.

      • ConnieW.

        You said that right!!!!!!!!!

    • Abby

      YES!! Loving Lori Michaels right now. Did you see interview about her relationship with Danielle Staub by a gay tv network ourscenetv?? hahaaaaa. come date me lori. Ditch Danielle. http://bit.ly/9d0mia

    • ConnieW.

      Oh Please….. 3G’s…She really believes she is a ” SUPERSTAR “. Teresa, you are NOT all that!!!!!!

    • ConnieW.

      Ashley, GROW UP!!!!!!!!!! I believe you are a liar. You claim you thought Danielle was/had attacked your mom, that was an excuse to create drama…KARMA….KARMA….You will get yours!!!!!!!!