Celeb Tweetup: Nonsense, In Context

You know how sometimes you accidentally finish one of your internal monologues you have with yourself  out loud, and everyone looks at you funny and you’re like “WHAT? I’M JUST THINKING!!” Yeah, happens to the best of us, at least three or four times a day. Luckily, most of us have the good sense not to write down our half-completed thought and then press “send” for the world to see. We guess if you’re famous, you can pay other people to make sense for you.

Seriously, apropo of nothing, here is Eliza Dushku (@Elizadushku) showing you her eyeball.

Same goes for Billy Ray Cyrus (@billyraycyrus). Who is he talking to??

You hear that? That’s the sound of JoJo (@JoJoIstheWay) exploding your mind.

Patti Stanger (@pattistanger): Millionaire Matchmaker, Wayne’s World quoter.

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