The Comic-Con: Where Couture Fashion Meets Art In Experimental Spaces

I was a little skeptical about missing out on pre-Fashion Week coverage so I could cover Comic-Con out in San Diego. For those not in the biz (like me!), the first thing you have to realize is that the “con” stands for “convention” and not some place where everybody goes to get gypped out of all their money. (Although it should be!) If you thought the hordes of garish, pushy, wannabes that descend like ratty locusts at the Barney’s Sample Sale every year was bad, you don’t want to go anywhere near Comic-Con – or as I took to calling it during the first day – “Comic Con-Don’t!”

But after spending half a week and countless hours getting shoved by angry mobs waiting for panels where ugly bald guys in t-shirts and Lenscrafter glasses talked to each other about literally I have no idea, I can say with certainty that Comic-Con is just about the boldest move ever made by the fashion powers that be. (Thanks Anna Wintour!) This was definitely the scene to get a glimpse at upcoming Fall lines from some of the most experimental designers that I’ve never even heard of! And in the spirit of downtown SoHo, most of the time the models just walk around the giant convention halls with the regular ugly people, which is the biggest artistic transgression in haute couture since Patrick Mohr‘s near-spiritual runway show in Berlin.

I’m still processing this amazing event that somehow nobody on the fashion blogger circuit seems to have covered, but I took some pictures and hopefully will have a head start on dissecting what we’ll be seeing on the runway in upcoming weeks. XoXo  –

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    • Erin Carlson

      My favorite line: “So brave!”