Source: ‘The Situation’ Is A Loner, Hates Pauly D

Mike SorrentinoDoes MikeThe Situation” Sorrentino think he’s too hot for Jersey Shore?

“There’s a big rivalry between Pauly D and The Situation,”  a source close to the situation (pun intended) tells Crushable.

Our source says the Jersey Shore cast is divided: While Pauly D, Vinny, Snooki and JWOWW all get along – and Ronnie and Sammi are harmless and inoffensive – The Situation is acting like an anti-social diva.

“He’s the one that really started the whole contract negotiations” drama, says our source, referring to tense Jersey Shore strike that threatened production of season three, which is currently filming in the infamous sharehouse of debauchery.

Handlers for The Situation and Snooki apparently felt THEY were the stars of the show, and when Pauly D started getting more attention, “The Situation didn’t like it.” At cast photoshoots, he would ignore everyone and go off on his own. While Pauly D and Vinny are thick as thieves – to use a Caroline Manzo-ism – The Situation could never quite connect with the other guys in the house.

Meanwhile, word is there’s ANOTHER castmate in the house. She is female and would be replacing disgruntled alum Angelina. But no one knows who she is, or where’s she’s from. We wish it was Lindsay Lohan, who’s in jailsies, obvi. One can dream.

An MTV spokesperson for the show did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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    • lboogie

      I loved when Vinny did his impression of The Situation on the phone last season. He is definitely the most underrated cast member.

    • get an editor

      How is “thick as thieves” a “Caroline Manzo-ism”? You do realize that is a common expression, right?