May The Free Lindsay Rallies Begin! Owner Of NYC Tanning Salon Will Tie A Ribbon Around A Building

With Lindsay Lohan in jail for just under a week, the protesters are already ready to rally! Earlier today, we received an email about a rally in Manhattan, organized by none other than the owner of…Beach Bum Tanning Salon. Apparently, the whole Lohan clan were frequenters of the tanning salon, and with Linds in jail, the Lohans’ patronage has obviously declined! Lindsay’s incarceration, taking a toll on local business! Who woulda thought?

As explained in the press release below, the “ceremony” starts tomorrow at noon. “Friends and family” will tie a huge ribbon around a building on 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

New York, N.Y.–TUESDAY, July 26, 2010—James Oliver of Beach Bum Tanning Salon who has kept the Lohan family bronzed for over a decade is holding a “Free Lindsay” rally to support the troubled starlet with Lohan’s friends and fans in attendance. The ceremony kicks off, Tuesday July 27, 2010 at 12 P.M. at the 239 7th Avenue salon location, with a press conference and ribbon tying ceremony. On display will be a prominent homemade Sign across the building saying “We love you Lindsay! Come home soon.” Beach Bum held a similar rally in 2007 when one of their high profile clients, Paris Hilton, did jail time after being sentenced for a DUI. Lindsay Lohan is one of Beach Bum’s most loyal clients, with her entire family regularly visiting the salons. The salon hopes its campaign will draw awareness to the harsh punishment inflicted on Lohan due to her celebrity status and that she will be released from jail before her 90 day sentence reaches completion. Beach Bum has pointed out that Lohan was ordered to serve twice the time Paris Hilton was sentenced back in 2007 for a similar probation violation. Lohan began her sentence on July 20, 2010 at a Hollywood facility after a trial that was filled with media attention and paparazzi presence. The actress is set to be released in October; however, she may be let out early due to overcrowding. The owners of Beach Bum miss seeing her at the salon and hope for her speedy return.

We spoke with the event’s PR team (yes, this is legit!) who told us the ribbon is supposed to serve as a reminder of the injustice done to Ms. Lohan. They expect between 40 and 70 attendees, but let’s make this big.

See you there?

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