Justin Bieber Accused Of Molesting Fans

Which is, of course, completely false. It’s another rumor supposedly hatched by 4chan, an anonymous message board that tried to drop The Biebs in North Korea. Not such a bad idea, since Bieber is a cultural unifier and would bring a message of peace, R&B and windswept hair. But Bieber as a fan molester? File under ridic. (Hollywood Life)

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    • carly

      justin bieber is the bomb and any body who hates him can suck my butt for all i care care because he is way better than you will ever be

    • ethan

      don’t believe that Justin Bieber formally known as JB, would ever be a molester, let alone be molesting his fans. because thats non sense, and also that is yet another rumor by people who are trying to mess up JB’s Life. Out with the HATE, IN with the Love I always say.
      haters, are just haters. let em hate, cuz you gotta love a hater, because sometimes some of the stuff they say about people is actually kinda ignorant, but yet it is funny because it makes no sense and such. love ya jb, never believe the rumors, thats why always ask the person, which the rumor is about to seek the truth.