Is Eva Mendes Pregnant?

UPDATE: No, “Eva is not pregnant,” her spokesman told Crushable early Saturday, responding to our Comic-Con intel below:

A Crushable eyewitness noticed something extra-curvalicious about Eva Mendes at Friday’s Comic-Con panel discussion for her new film The Other Guys.

“She looked pregnant to me,” says our spy, observing that she kept “hiding her belly” with her hands.

A request for comment from Eva’s representative was not immediately returned Friday night.

Eva, who dates filmmaker George Augusto, seemed more voluptuous than usual, and our source (who’s also a parent) sensed an impending baby on the way; meanwhile, Eva’s sharp sense of humor remained intact but verged on the borderline innappropriate when she fake-flirted with a couple of teenage boys.

During the Q&A session with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell – Eva’s co-stars in the cop-themed action comedy, out Aug. 6 – the striking 36-year-old actress was approached with a question by a “15- or 16-year-old” fanboy who she remembered from Comic-Con several years before; then just a tween, the fanboy had called Eva “foxy” during a panel and the two ran into each other at an Italian restaurant later that day. Eva had jokingly told him, “You’re too young, come back in five years,” according to our eyewitness.

Well, he did. And when they came face to face again on Friday, Eva recognized him, saying, “Omigod, you’re that guy!” Joking around – or was she? (jks!) – Eva said she was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, and even gave him the suite number. “She was kind of getting into it,” our source says.

Then another 16-year-old boy asked a question, and Eva – keeping the joke alive – remarked that he was cute. “Are you legal?” she asked, to which he responded, “I don’t know – it could be.” As it happened, his mom was in the audience, and she nodded her approval. The audience howled with laughter. Mark and Will found much hilarity in Eva’s banter, and Mark cracked, “His mom said it’s OK!!!!!”

The “stalky behavior” continued over to another panel with svelte actress Maggie Q during an event for her 2011 action flick Priest. A 40-something guy came forward, asking, “Did you do any special training for this role?” Then she recognized him as her high-school track coach. Maggie was super-excited about this blast from her past; indeed, he must have waited in line a long time to snag a spot among the first few rows, which are sanctioned for questions if you get there early enough.

“If you’re her track coach, you should just go up and say hi!,” sniped our source.

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