Julianne Hough Thought Ryan Seacrest Was Gay, Along with Rest Of World

Ryan Seacrest, gay? No! Wait, really? How could anyone, let alone someone who has spent time being paid off by his publicists to pretend they were dating sharing the same bed with the American Idol host think that he was played for the other team?

Okay, that joke was a little obvious, but it is funny that someone overheard Ryan’s girlfriend Julianne Hough admitting that she thought the most famous metrosexual in Hollywood was gay, especially since he”was after me since I was 18.” That’s not creepy at all! “I’m just going to wait till she’s of legal age, definitely 18, and then start hitting on her in my 10-year plan to make babies with a woman-female.” (Btw, Erin still believes there is nothing weird at all about this, just for the record.)

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