Book Reveals Secrets About Angelina’s Jolie’s Love Life You Never Knew

Angelina JolieThanks to her very very very public relationship with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has gained a reputation as a husband stealing maneater. And, according to an upcoming book, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography by celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, Brad’s not the first married man Ang has gone after, and certainly not the first co-star she’s bedded, lusted after or entranced.

Angelina’s list of conquests and flirtations includes some fellow celebrities that you may have never would think to romantically link to the mother of six, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger and recent co-star Johnny Depp, who the author quotes an Angelina friend as saying, “If she cold get something going with Depp, she would leave Brad.” Here, we break down the weirdest alleged hook-ups Angelina has had over the years — not counting ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton — as outlined in the recent issue of Us Weekly, which has clips from Andrew’s unauthorized book.

Timothy Hutton
According to Andrew’s book, Timothy and David Duchovny battled for Angelina’s love on the set of their movie Playing God, and Tim prevailed. They dated “quietly” while Angie took drum lessons to impress him. Weird.

Leonardo DiCaprio
The pair showered together in his hotel suite, but Angelina reportedly told friends that there was “little sexual rapport” between the two. Ouch.

Colin Farrell

The Irish actor was reportedly falling in love with Angelina on the set of Alexander, but she denies they were ever intimate.

Ralph Fiennes

Angelina’s Beyond Borders co-star could be one of Angelina’s mystery lovers she’s talked about meeting for rendezvoux in London.

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    • Erin Carlson

      The Leo gossip cracks me up. How can THEY not have “sexual rapport”? Then again, maybe she realized he resembles a giant baby.

      • josie

        He does resemble a giant baby!

    • Julie

      I can’t stand Leo…he’s a horrible actor who thinks that frowing will erase his baby face and growing a beard will make him look like McSteamy…not gonna happen!

    • meme

      Mr. Fiennes was not in Beyond Borders. That would be Clive Owen. And if Mr. Morton can’t get that fact straight, why should I believe anything else he writes?