10 Romantic Comedies That Will Indeed Ruin Your Relationship

The media is all abuzz today about a new study that says romantic comedies can have an adverse effect on dating and relationships. The findings essentially say that watching too many rom-coms with your beau will result in idealistic and unrealistic expectations and that we ladies will end up expecting every love story to end happily-ever-after.

Uhhhh, newsflash, DUH. Where have these people been for the last thirty years? Of course romantic comedies give us unrealistic expectations, that’s the point. Seriously, go spend your research dollars elsewhere please. There are plenty of diseases to cure.

On that note, it’s a good day to sacrifice your relationship in the name of sappiness on the silver screen, isn’t it? Here are 10 rom-coms that should do the trick.

1. Knocked Up

Because some shlubby stoner is not suddenly going to become the man of your dreams after he impregnates you. This one goes for dudes too. To all the shlubby stoners out there — Katherine Heigl is not going to have your baby.

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