Poll: Will You Watch ‘Abusers’?

AbusersNot all reality TV is a fluffy guilty pleasure. Just look at important and disturbing shows like Intervention and Hoarders. Soon, another serious reality show will join the list, Abusers, “a new intervention-style reality show that depicts real-life cases of domestic violence and offers counseling and support for both the abuser and the victim.”

We have to admit to being skeptical about shows like Intervention, but while watching it, it’s clear producers are sensitive to the challenges and pitfalls their subjects face. Can Abusers‘ producers tow the same line? We’ll have to wait and see. We’re not actually even sure we want to watch Abusers — it just seems like such a depressing topic (to be fair, we also don’t watch Hoarders for that very reason).

But will you tune in to Abusers? Tell us in our poll below:

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    • sweetz

      I’m not sure if I want to watch something so depressing either, but on the other hand, I do watch Intervention, which is arguably just as depressing. All I can say is that I hope this show is done well and portrays this topic with respect and teaches viewers some real facts about the sad reality of domestic violence. Who is putting this show out, A&E? They seem to have a good track record, I’ll trust them.

    • Supporter

      I will definetely be watching. Finally something worthwhile to come along on TV. I can’t wait to see it and forget about shows like Jersey Shore!!

    • WOW

      This is original programming for sure. I hope this show is a hit…I know it will be. I’m a male & we talked about it at the gym & we’re going to tune in.

    • rav2en1

      I wil Be Glued to the screen because this is a issue nobody is will to tackle.
      To Bring all walks of life to a show like this is the key! 1Heard Josh fRom The Real world Dc
      is on the production team because of how much he saw growing up. 2This is a good Source if you ask me.

    • rose colon

      I will watch the show simply because everyone needs a “reality” check on what is accurring every second, all over the world, to women and men, that are unfortunately in these crazy realtionships… Hopefully the show will be a hit and the facts will hit home about domestic violence….