Scientologists Unveil ‘Scientology Newsroom’

Today we got an email in our inbox from Tommy Davis, the International Spokesman for the Church Of Scientology. Why did he think to send US a message? Weird!

Anyhoo, Tommy has unveiled a “Newsroom” for members of the media. The mission: “To provide journalists worldwide with 24/7 news on the Church of Scientology’s explosive growth – whether it’s the opening of a new Church (eleven across six nations have cut the ribbon in the last year alone), or the full story on the completion of the 25-year project to fully restore and publish more than 2,500 books and lectures of Church founder L. Ron Hubbard — the Church is pleased to inaugurate the first comprehensive online media resource, the Scientology Newsroom (”

The site responds to all the controversy with an extensive photo gallery of church openings, a mainstream-y video like you’d see on jury duty and FAQs on “What Is A Scientology Wedding?” and “What Is The Sea Organization?” According to the Church, members of the Sea Org – who devote their lives to Scientology – “work long hours and live communally with housing, meals, uniforms, medical and dental care, transport and all expenses associated with their duties provided by the Church.”

Yay! Except stories like this give us pause. The media newsroom/resource for journalists must be part of a new strategy for Scientology leaders, who typically reach out to reporters who write about the Church through leaving a series of strangely timed phone messages.

At least, from experience. After writing a straightforward news-wire piece on Katie Holmes‘ Broadway debut in All My Sons and including a line about Scientology protesters outside the theater – because that’s what happened! - we received a phone call from a Church representative every Wednesday around 2:30 p.m.

What did they want us to do? Take the story down? Not report the news as it was happening? Impossible!

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    • Anonymous

      Scientology news today.
      We have not been convicted of fraud in any country.
      We respect all other religions(even though they are r6 implants).
      All SO members are happy and are free to leave scientology at any time if they so chose,after the lenthy routing out process that takes 6 months+the free loader debt.
      All public scientologists are very happy with the extensive building programs we have,and are happy to pay for them again and again,even when buildings mostly end up empty.
      Plantery clearing will be achieved in 2014,but we need more money,or the planet is doomed.

    • Angela

      What a hoot! Scientology “newroom”? You couldn’t trust a thing that comes out of this corrupt organization. If a Scientologists lips are moving, they’re lying. Count on it.

    • Mike

      Scientology is a cult and was convicted of fraud in France last year.

    • Nick Van Houser

      This is great news. Now the media can get the facts about Scientology instead of the grassy knoll of the internet. Scientology is the World’s fastest growing religion. Only Scientology has workable technology to free mankind from drugs and suppression. Scientology will do what it takes to clear this planet no matter how many cur dogs yap at the wheels of our fire engines!

    • Anonymous

      “The site responds to all the controversy with an extensive photo gallery of church openings…”

      Really? So it would go something like this….

      Q. There have been several accounts of coerced abortions in your Sea Org elite, reported in respected newspapers such as the St.Petersburg Times. Some of the alleged victims have taken their cases to court against scientology in California and Florida. How do you answer those allegations?
      A. We build a new Ideal Org which just opened in Pasadena.

      Q. There have been many independent accounts of ecclesiactical leader David Miscavige beating his staff yet repeatedly when asked he is reluctant to appear in any interview to answer these damning attacks on his character and so far has not taken any legal action. Why?
      A. Scientology has millions of members world wide and thousands of churches. It’s the fastest growning religion on the planet. Did I tell you about the chruch we just opened in Pasadena?

      Q. We have seen many people outside of scientology who complain of being disconnected from their family members within due to scientology “suppressive person” doctrine and the threat that the scientologist will not be able to continue with their progress unless they disconnect from such SPs. Why do you interfere with the fundemental human rights of the family unit as enshrined in the UDHR and of which you claim to promote in your brochures?
      A. That new Ideal Org in Pasadena is really shiny. Also, Haiti, John Travolta, Volunteer Ministers……. I think that answers your questions.


    • Marc Abian

      This is just Scientology’s attempt to counter the deluge of negative press over the past couple of years surrounding the recent criminal convictions, government scrutiny and allegations from former members of human trafficicking, coereced abortions, systemic physical abuse in upper managent, deprivation of liberty, child labor and gross violations of labor practices. No in-house generated news about their empty new buildings will counter that. Scientology can’t intimidate the media with their ‘threat-of-legal-action’ sabre rattling like they used to.

    • jaxton

      Cool. I hope we see some stories on the massive child abuse and cover ups. I hope we get to see the destructive practices of disconnection policy. I hope we get to see that not one OT has anything closely described in Dianetics at a state of clear. I hope we see footbullets.

    • Jack

      Scientology is here to stay, dispite all the attacks it’s that that would of distroy the most powerful churches it’s dusted off some dirt off it chest and carried on being one of the most expanding religions in the world. It’s taken other religions many years come through the dark ages and servive. Scientology has been hit harder in the short period since 1950. It’s in very high demand. How can this be? Well not every body eats all the bull that the crazy nuts like to fantasize. If all the bull was true why are they still growing faster than ever. It doesn’t take a man with a brain to figure that out. I’ve been in Scientology for over 25 years so I can say i’m an authority on the subject. My advice is grow some bulls and go read a book on the subject and go look for yourself and not buy what others say because you will find out why some people don’t want you to know, THE TRUTH. Because all Scientology will ever do is give TRUE HELP to their fellow man with tools to help them solve their own problems.