Crushable Live Blogs ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Real Housewives of NJ

Welcome to yet another week of table-tossing, weave-pulling, energist-approved fun on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Crushable’s Deputy Editor Amanda Ernst is on hand tonight to moderate the evenings comments and add some thoughts of her own.

Tonight we’ll get to see the fall out from last week’s dust up at the Posche fashion show. Will Danielle Staub confront Posche owner Kim D.? Will she press charges against Ashley Holmes? Does Danielle’s energist try to get in touch with Jacqueline Laurita again, or worse, does she send her a bill? What does Caroline Manzo have to say about this whole drama? And will Teresa Giudice again impress upon the entire audience that her house is not, in fact, in foreclosure?

Tune in to Real Housewives on Bravo right now and then add your thoughts below.

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    • PatriciaAll

      Danielle Staub’s rumored girlfriend, out-artist Lori Michaels, was out on the town in Manhattan this weekend talking about her involvement in the Staub Sex tape scandal. Here’s a link to the video:

    • Patricia

      Danielle Staub is just a red neck NJ jailbird who won’t know how to act like a lady if it hit the back of her head! She looks hard and ridiculous on TV. Her manners are terrible. Drop her from this stupid show. All the Housewives shows and the people that participate are just want to be millionaires that never will be. I am from Atlanta and I can tell you the ones on that show live so far from where the real Atlanta money is, it’s ridiculous. Buckhead is not located in North Georgia where these women live. Atlanta money like Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Georgia Pacific, etc. people would never associate with people like these women. Stop making all these cities and these women from making them look more foolish than they already have. The End