‘i-dosing’ Fear Mongering: Don’t Worry, We’ve Been Getting High On Music Forever

OMG, did you hear of the new trend of getting high on mp3s? It’s like the Neuromancer is finally coming true and we’re all going to be plugged into our machines, waiting for our next fix of sound wave files that will release endorphins and make us feel even better than heroin. Time magazine even did a story on this “i-dosing” trend, so you know it’s true.

Except … not. A neuroscientist specializing in drug research who did not want their name to be published told Crushable that this hype about digital addiction is as old as the racket about rock ‘n’ roll being the devil’s music:

“The idea is that rhythmic sounds at a certain frequency will cause your brain to have those same rhythms.  This is called ‘entrainment’ or ‘resonance,’” explained our source. “The sounds lead to an increase, for example, in alpha wave frequencies in the EEG (the recording device used to measure the firing of neurons in the brain). They are associated with a relaxed state. So if it has a good beat, your brain will dance to it.” But it is not a “drug,” and doesn’t correlate to a change in your chemical balance, which is what drugs do. And it certainly isn’t a new trend specific to Internet sound. But is it addictive?

“Might as well say you get addicted to Lady Gaga‘s latest pop song,” said our source. Well, “Alejandro” wasn’t that good.

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    • 6h057

      How are they ever gonna keep them down on the farm once they get a load of rave culture?