Videos: Alyssa Milano and Old Spice Guy Flirt Via YouTube

Maybe we spoke to soon about Isaiah Mustafa‘s Old Spice campaign not needing a grad school dissertation, because these personalized YouTube videos are getting out of hand, and are probably the most genius form of two-way advertising ever created. And now Isaiah has started courting Alyssa Milano. Let the games begin!

Isaiah’s first video:

The 2nd:

And they keep getting crazier and crazier, until Alyssa finally replies with her own video, wearing only a towel:

So our question: Is Alyssa Milano now on the Old Spice payroll? Because basically this is crowd-sourcing at its finest, and if celebrities are replying to Isaiah and not getting paid, they should at least realize they’re giving away a free endorsement.

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    • bored

      this video is soooooo very boring.