John Stamos Met Extorter While On Post-Break Up Trip

John StamosWhile testifying in a Michigan court yesterday, Uncle Jesse John Stamos denied that he snorted cocaine and acted inappropriately with a 17-year-old who then tried to extort him, but said the girl helped cheer him up during his break up with Rebecca Romijn.

John was in court to testify against his alleged extorters, Allison Coss and her boyfriend Scott Sippola, who John claims tried to get him to pay them $680,000 for photos of him doing blow and hanging with strippers in 2004. The Full House star admitted he had a “flirty” email relationship, but said he didn’t know she was 17 at the time.

John said he met Allison in Florida during a visit with three friends who were trying to cheer him up after his split with supermodel Rebecca Romijn, PopEater reported. The two met at a club, so John said he assumed Allison was at least 18. Then they went back to his hotel room with a group of other people, where the alleged photos were snapped. But since the photos have never been recovered, even by the FBI, it’s hard to know exactly what went down that night.

Despite the serious nature of the trial, John still managed to crack jokes. During one point, defense attorney Frank Stupak asked if the actor was friends with Charlie Sheen. Caught off guard, John replied, “No, but I know Lindsay Lohan,” causing the courtroom to “erupt” in laughter, according to PopEater.

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