5 Guys Pop Culture Tells You to Date (But You Really Shouldn’t)

Tech Nerds

Why They’re ‘The One’: The sweet nerdy guy ending up with the girl (while her jock boyfriend is somehow humiliated/exposed for being a jerk) has become such a Hollywood cliche that somewhere in the early 90s, wearing giant Buddy Holly glasses became the cool thing to do. We can actually blame half of our current pop culture tropes on the last 20-year nerd trend.

Examples: Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science, Steve Guttenberg in Short Circuit, Harold Ramis as Egon in Ghostbusters, anyone from Revenge of the Nerds, any Rick Moranis role, ever.

Why They’re Actually the Worst: After the dot-com boom, tech guys actually got some cash…and a lot of it. And while the bubble may have burst, there’s a new group of “cool” tech nerds waiting in the wings. And guess what? When nerds get money, they aren’t so cute and innocent anymore: They act just like the guys in high school who beat them up, except they are smarter and more bitter, which always makes for a great combo.

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