5 Guys Pop Culture Tells You to Date (But You Really Shouldn’t)

On Monday we showed you that sometimes Hollywood gets it wrong in terms of judging guys by their covers, or at least by their job title. Not every lawyer is a scumbag, not every politician will sleep with a prostitute, and not every finance guy is Gordon Gekko from Wall Street.

But did you know it works the opposite way too? Turns out a bunch of screenwriters got together one day and decided that every underdog or diamond in the rough was actually your Prince Charming. Unfortunately, that’s not the case: Here’s 5 boyfriend jobs that are overly-glamorized in pop culture.


Why They’re ‘The One’
: Even though they ain’t got money, they’re so in love with you honey…usually portrayed as idealistic-but-broken dreamers, guys with guitars are the perfect antidote to that sleazy rich guy your parents wants you to marry. Though society will never approve, his love for you will lead him on a hero’s journey to eventual famedom, where he’ll sing the song he wrote just for you in front of millions, which you will hear on the radio right before your wedding to Mr. Wrong. Then you’ll throw off your veil, go running towards the nearest bus station…and well, you know the rest.

Examples: John Cusack in High Fidelity (he was a DJ, remember?), The Commitments in The Commitments, Glen Hansard in Once

Why They’re Actually the Worst: You know how the old joke goes, ” ‘What do you call a musician without a girlfriend?’ ‘Homeless.’” While playing music is a great hobby, dating a guy who has no aspirations other than getting a record deal (or if he’s one of the super-idealists, then ‘changing the world through my songs’) usually ends with you paying for everything because he’s broke and too dedicated to his music to get a real job. And that’s before he cheats on you with a groupie.

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