Exclusive: ‘Degrassi’s’ Charlotte Arnold, Raymond Ablack Go Head To Head In Season 10

Holly J, Sav

As the second incarnation of hit Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi, Degrassi: The Next Generation, gets ready to kick off its tenth (!) season, fans here in U.S. can prepare for a whole new way of watching Degrassi. The two-hour original TV movie The Heat Is On, premiering Monday, July 19, starts six straight weeks of Degrassi episodes, airing nightly at 9 p.m. ET on TeenNick.

Before we get a chance to enjoy the new Degrassi eps, Crushable spoke to two of the show’s stars, Charlotte Arnold, who plays Holly J, and Raymond Ablack, who plays Sav. After spilling to us about Raymond’s girlfriend, Charlotte’s journalism studies and their off-camera expeditions with their fellow cast members — including a story about former cast member Drake — Char and Ray got into the good stuff: some spoilers about the coming season, starting with the TV movie that features Charlotte as Holly J quite prominently.

What can we expect from Holly J and Sav’s story lines this season?

Charlotte: Well, the TV movie that we filmed in New York last fall that kind of launches this season on July 19. And I have a pretty big role in that. Holly J, my character, has gone to New York with her boyfriend and got an internship at an MTV-sort of studio. So she has spent the summer pursuing her dreams and in career mode and she’s with this really rich guy and stuff, so when school starts back it’s kind of like a big reality check for her that she’s back at Degrassi and her parents haven’t got a lot of money, and it’s not as glamorous as her summer has been. So she sort of has to start, not from scratch, but claw her way back up there to try and get where she wants to be.

Raymond: And then Season 10 comes right off the ending of that movie. So right as Holly J comes back to Degrassi, that’s where we start Season 10, which is nice. I am in the movie, but certainly not as focused on as much as Charlotte’s character is.

Charlotte: He’s got a rock show right at the beginning.

Raymond: That’s right. I do a sweet jump off the amp. It looks cool. So Season 10 starts with Holly J coming back and just expecting to take her school as the queen bee and in Grade 12 as well. But Sav, and I think this is true for a lot of kids going into rade 12, Sav was friends with all the Grade 12s from the year previous. So all those kids are gone..All his friends were seniors so he’s expected to be head honcho at the school, but it turns out that he has no real friends at the school anymore. So it’s a lot of him trying to discover some new friends and develop some new relationships and trying to grab this year by the reins and his struggle with that.

Charlotte: And where they collide is with this big election at the beginning of the school year because Holly J used to be president and Sav’s getting some ideas that he’s going to give her a run for his money….It gets a little crazy. Holly J tries to sabotage the race in a very complicated and unbelievable sort of way. But you’ll see.

Raymond: I feel like they draw some parallels to real life in that story line.

Charlotte: Holly J takes on the Hilary Clinton role and he’s Obama for sure.


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