Crushable Live Blogs ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’

Welcome to our weekly live blog of Real Housewives of New Jersey. What crazy shenanigans can our ladies get into tonight? Will there be weave pulling? Broken high heels? Cops called?

Two weeks ago (the show was off last week) we left the housewives at the Posche fashion show. Danielle Staub, who attended with Kim G. and a new bodyguard, was not happy that her “friend” shop owner Kim D. invited Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice to sit at her table, and asked Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley Holmes to walk the runway. Danielle showed her disdain by pretending to talk on the phone and text throughout the show, to the horror of Kim G. Later, Teresa picked a fight with Danielle, and it looks like we’ll see the resolution — for better or worse — of that tonight. Ashley did get fined for pulling out one of Danielle’s extensions last year, so it looks like this is that infamous night.

Watch along with us and add your comments. Crushable’s deputy editor Amanda Ernst will be guiding the conversation, but feel free to chime in! Don’t be afraid, everyone’s input is welcomed here.

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    • beverly

      i think danille was set up and ambushed. she has really done nothing to be treated this way. jacquline was her friend and she acted so childish on tv. it was embaresing to watch. her daughter ruimed the friendship. i think danille is being given a raw deal. teresa is out of controll. is is not nice. she started it all. and the kims set it all up. this is such a stupid way to try to get on tv. this is messing with a persons life. be strong danielle. and press charges. none of them are your friends.

    • Straphanger10029

      Ashley should have been arrested. No matter how you feel about someone, you do NOT have the right to put your hands on anyone. I do not believe that Ashely was told that someone hit her mother–that is a lie she fabricated so it would seem like she was defending her Jaqueline. Total BS. Teresa started the whole thing, pretending to be nice, which we all know she is not and her friend’s (Jaqueline) daughter will now have a charge of assault on her record. Nice “friends” and family you have Jaqueline. You guys make Danielle look like a saint.

    • angelofdevs

      Real housewives, real psychological issues? Read, join the discussion and decide for yourself!