Top 10 Posts From The Gloss

theglossThere’s lots to see over at The Gloss this week! Sunday’s not too late to get your fix of fashion, beauty and the like…so hurry up and read on to get this week’s best picks:

  1. 10 Scary Models Who Scare Us
  2. 10 Things Under $10: Hangover Edition
  3. Do You Think That This Is a Sexy Picture?
  4. Allie Brosh Presents: An Open Letter to Sandal Boots
  5. Bullish: Maybe You’re Not Actually a Lazy Procrastinator
  6. True Life: I Wear Hair Extensions
  7. Even Gorgeous Models Are Not Immune from People Peeing On Their Lawns
  8. The Reason You’re Undateable Is Not Because You’re “Intimidating”
  9. You Need a Drink: Actually, You Need a Booze Cake
  10. What Does “Marrying For Money” Mean To You?
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