Wear This, Not That: Hot, Hot Heat

It’s broiling across the country this week and you’ve got to bear the heat. Perhaps you’re going to the beach this weekend. Perhaps you simply have to walk down the street. In any event, you’ll have to dress the part! Check out our picks on what and what not to wear when you’re braving the high temperatures.At every college party/festival/frat bro get-together I have attended in recent years, some organization of eager partiers goes out and makes these cheesy customized wayfarers. I refuse to wear them. If you must wear them at the time they are handed out, you will be forgiven–but at the end of the event they are to be discarded. You may not wear them as regular sunglasses after this. That’s it, now go throw them away. Fine, save them as a memento if you really, really have to.

If you’re really feeling the Ray Bans vibe, try these tortoise shell shades from Urban Outfitters ($10).

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