Send Us Your Dress Designs, Win Awesome Prizes!

Designers: This is just a friendly reminder to enter Crushable’s “Make Your Own” cocktail-dress design contest! The prizes, awesome. The bragging rights, even better. We repeat the deets below:

Here at Crushable, we don’t know the first thing about how to work a sewing machine — or stitch a button even! — but we really appreciate people who can (and make it look sooo easy except that it’s not). This is why we are obsessed with Project Runway and basically every design challenge on TV. So in honor of all things fashionable and creative, we are holding a sartorial contest of our own.

Your mission: Create a cocktail dress using store-bought materials that cost no more than $50. Find fabric inspiration at retailers from Target to Michaels to a local Mom-and-Pop shop, and send us photos of your creation along with a shot of a receipt showing the grand tally of $50 or below.

The winning designer will get an $150 gift certificate to Target, among other goodies! They will also see their dress featured prominently on Crushable.

The deadline: July 22. Please send your pieces to submissions at crushable dot com.

We’re excited to see what you create! Ready, set, go …

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    • neha

      can you please tell me where can i send pictures of dress designs that i have designed????

    • Hanaa_Elsabagh

      How can I send the picture of my dress design ?!?

    • Sanj

      Hi I would like to share my pictures , let me know how.