Jennifer Aniston And Brooklyn Decker Totally Hate Each Other, Fighting Over Adam Sandler

File under BS: Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker, co-stars in the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It, are supposedly worried about how they will look next to each other while wearing bikinis – since the movie’s filming in Hawaii, they gotta look good, right? And since they are both attractive ladies starring in the same movie, then they are destined to be rivals. Especially since Jen is sad and insecure and desperado and Brooklyn is new on the scene AND married (to Andy Roddick). So she wins, obviously. That is the currently narrative running in the tabloids, which are trying to spin this Jen-Brooklyn thing into an even bigger thing. Of course Jen feels insecure! She’s an actress. And she’s human. But it’s not like she has anything to prove against another woman who has the bigger burden of proving she can actually act (no offense, Brooklyn!).

To quote Crushable’s sister site Blisstree’s deputy editor Briana Rognlin, “If you ask us, we’d take either one of the actress’ bikini bodies – whatever yoga, running, or baby food stint were required (ok, maybe not the baby food) – but the real mystery is: Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston are supposed to be fighting over Adam Sandler. Hollywood doesn’t always aim for believable, but really?”

Well said, Briana.

Tell us: Would YOU fight for the love of Sandler? Do you think Jen/Brooklyn can do better? (Trick question).

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