One Republic’s Ryan Tedder Wishes He Had Come Up With Bryan Adam’s ‘Everything I Do,’ Collaborates With Ralph Lauren

Last night Crushable crashed One Republic‘s Terminal 5 packed concert (which included star fans such as Lea Michelle, Jonathon Groff, and Ryan Cabrera). Before the amazing show – which included front man Ryan Tedder covering The White Stripes and Franz Ferdinand along with the band’s own hits like “Apologize” and “Secrets” – we spoke to One Republic backstage about their new partnership with Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony fragrance, for which they provided an alternative music video for their single “Secrets” with famed photographer Bruce Webber. (Video below.)

Did you know these guys had never heard of Silly Bandz? Luckily, I had a couple spare on me, and traded rhythm guitarist Drew Brown a few in exchange for a Natty Ice. “This is our low-budget rider,” Drew said, pointing to their small mini-fridge and tiny back room. Not like Steve Martin‘s? “Ha, not at all,” said lead guitarist Zach Filkins. Other things I did not know about the band, which will be opening for U2 in Europe this summer: Apparently cellist and resident crunchy granola Brent Kutzle “smells like a beaver dam,” according to his band mates. Well, good thing they got tons of new cologne now. Some other highlights from the interview:

What love song does One Republic wish they have written?
Ryan Tedder: “Hands down, ‘Everything I Do,’ Bryan Adams.”

On Ryan’s personal style:
RT: “I’ve been obsessed with polo since high school. I grew up in Oklahoma, where wearing polo was considered being cool or alternative or something. Now 20 years later, I’m back into it again.”

On working with on the Big Pony campaign:
RT: “If Ralph Lauren calls you, can you really turn it down? The video captures the essence of American life that we all wish we could live for a day.”

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    • Angela Sparks

      I love it!

    • Melissa Kay Norman

      I love it!!! That song is everywhere!!!!! Great job!!!!

    • gloria

      Ryan Tedder es un hombre muy talentoso en verdad lo admiro y siento mucho respeto hacia el,es un idolo todas sus canciones son hermosas
      desearia que pudieras responderme soy de Paraguay

    • Shakil

      I was there for the concert .. Awesome band.. Their stage presence is just beautiful!