‘Kick-Ass’ Star Aaron Johnson Welcomes Baby Daughter

Sam Taylor-Wood, Aaron Johnson20-year-old Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson welcomed baby daughter Wylda Rae yesterday with his director fiance Sam Taylor-Wood. The couple has been laying low for the last month, but Kick-Ass co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse confirmed the birth on his Twitter yesterday, writing, “Aaron Johnsons baby was born!! So exciting!”

Aaron and Sam, who already has two daughters from an earlier marriage, became a scandalous couple after meeting on the set of the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy. 43-year-old Sam directed teenage Aaron in the film, and news of her pregnancy started making British tabs as Aaron’s international popularity grew with the release of Kick-Ass this spring. The couple, who are camera shy (that’s them photographed early last month at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London), plan to wed.

Although Aaron has spoken about how happy he is in his personal life, he has to keep his career going — if for no other reason then to support his growing family. He was recently passed over as the lead in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, but his thriller Chatroom debuted at Cannes and a Kick-Ass sequel is in the works.

(Photo by Daniel Deme / WENN.com)

Update: Ain’t It Cool News has an inside scoop saying today is Johnson’s lucky day – he’s “100%” locked in to play Cyclops in the new Matthew Vaughn X-Men adaptation…a rumor that’s been circulating for months now.

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    • H.

      Uh. . . ew.

    • nadea


    • Daisy

      this is so wrong, poor guy, this will not last.

    • Emilee

      omg… i loved him before this but… ew

    • maria

      Oh , my , GOD .i can’t belive this . [EW] i mean don’t get me wrong but … Gross . He should know better , this is soo not gonna last . i mean , HELLO , GENERATION DIFFERENCE .i loved him in “ Angus thongs and perfect snoggs “ but this just ruined it .

    • mia

      i understand that she looks and very well could be his mother… and i admit to having shared a couple “ew”s with my buds… but if they’re in love then so be it. as far as i can tell he’s very mature for his age and she’s got a childish and carefree personality. as she said in an interview… age, like race, gender etc. is not something to be discriminatory of.

      his picture will remain on my wall, regardless ;)

      p.s. aaron if you happen to come across this whilst stalking yourself… i love your acting and you pretty much rock. :)

    • Augusta

      This is so gross. Seven years older than her first born. Shes old enough to be his mom. How would you like to have baby with someone old enough to be your mother.He was better off with Georgia Groome.I don’t like him anymore. 4-5 years max. He wasted those gorgeous young years on some old woman old enough to be his mom. Not sorry if you disagree with me. That’s his lose.

    • Bridgette

      Ewwwww….. That is so amazingly disgusting, wow I can’t even handle it. But okay, do what you wanna do.. I guess..

    • Janie

      How could he waste such good looks.
      He could get someone like miranda kerr.
      But i guess he doesn’t mind and she is having a baby with one of the most goergous guys. (:

    • Amanda

      Oh. my. GOSH!!!! HOW COULD THE HOTTEST GUY ON EARTH DO THAT 2 HIMSELF?!?!?!?! this is NOT gunna last…. AT ALL!!! why would he do it with a 43-year-old. MAMA AGE, HELLOO!!!!! he is soooo effing HOT!!!! why did he waste it on his moms best friend. HES ON MY WALL AND IM NOT GUNNA BE ABLE TO LOOK AT HIM AS THAT YOUNG HOT, SEXY, AND MUSCULAR GUY… ANYMORE!!!!! AT ALL!!!! i’ll keep him up on my wall though, it not like i hate him, im just grossed out at him. every time i look at him on my wall im gunna hav to hrow up with tht digusting 20 and 43 year olds doing it. BLEH! and no offense but, i hope they break up b4 i do sumthin about it. IM DEAD SERIOUS. thts my man, LITERALLLY. hes been my man ever since i knew he exsisted! REMEMBER, E]WHEN HE PLAYED IN THE THIEF LORD. dang he was hot…. but oh well. hes in love with 40-year-old SAM TAYLOR WOOD now. :(

    • Courtney

      I’m astonished at the criticism that Aaron Johnson and Sam-Taylor Wood are getting. There should be no predictions. No name calling. They brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl on to this earth and are engaged and happy. It’s not your life, it’s theirs and I don’t see a problem with it. I wish them nothing but the best.

      • Courtney

        and I meant Sam Taylor-Wood.