Exclusive: Kim Granatell Wants More Time On ‘Real Housewives’ – Someone Alert Danielle Staub!

Think Kim Granatell is a friend of Danielle Staub? Think again. While the New Jersey socialite was shown hitting up events with Danielle on Real Housewives, their off-screen relationship has all but deteriorated.

“She had no idea who she was playing with when she was playing with me,” Kim tells Crushable, adding to expect a “major showdown” between the former friends.

Kim – known as “Kim G” on the Bravo dramafest – is BFF with Kim DePaola, owner of the Posche boutique. Her husband (whom she says she’s been separated from for seven years) is the stepbrother of “Kim D”; the women remain close, and hope to grab a bigger spotlight next season on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

“One of the producers says (Bravo) should have the K and K show,” Kim tells Crushable. “We’re drama, we’re devious, we brought so much to the show.”

They also bring a shared dislike of Danielle, who is possibly the most hated Housewife in the franchise’s history (alongside Kelly Bensimon, of course). Calling her a “snake in the grass,” Kim says ignored the haters and gave Danielle a chance at first. “She is single. I liked her personality, she was vibrant,” she says. The like wore off, however, when Danielle undermined her by declining to be filmed with Kim at a luxury transportation expo of sorts (think private jets) at the Teterboro Airport. But lo and behold, Danielle showed up without her with a “frumpy married woman” in tow.

“This was a great time to meet some nice men. … I believe she thought I was a threat. Guys would be looking at me!” says Kim. “She’s very calculating, she’s not to be trusted. She cuts friends in and out of her life.”

Another time, she claims, Danielle used Kim’s Ferrari to attend another ritzy event but did not invite Kim into said event; Kim dropped her off and drove home.”She didn’t want to pull up … in her own car.”

Eventually, Kim G decided, “Your game has ended, and my game has begun. And then I started playing sides.”

Cut to this past week’s episode, when Kim brought a reluctant Danielle as her date to Kim D’s Posche fashion show, where regular cast member Jacqueline Laurita‘s daughter Ashley walked the runway while Jackie and  Danielle nemesis Teresa Giudice looked on. She says Danielle was upset that her daughter Christine, a professional model, was not asked to participate. “Christine is 16, Ashley is 19 … Ashley belonged there,” she says.

As cameras captured footage of Ashley’s model moment, Danielle made a move to get up and go to the ladies’ room but she was made to sit down. After the show, Danielle locked herself in the bathroom with some girlfriends because she was “afraid Theresa and Jackie were gonna walk in.” When Danielle walked out, as seen in Monday’s show, Teresa was waiting outside to say hi (but really stir up the dramz).

“In my eyes, Danielle provoked that argument,” Kim says. “I believe Teresa was being genuine.”

Then Danielle called Teresa “honey,” and Teresa called her an “old hag” and a “bitch.” Kim could not give away details on next week’s episode but did say that Teresa ran after Danielle and ended up pushing Kim in the process. “I wasn’t mad at her,” Kim says of Teresa.

“I wanted action! You know, come on! The room was very tense,” Kim says of the Porsche event.

As for Danielle’s apparent lesbian romance with singer Lori Michaels, Kim says, “When she can’t do anything more for her, she’ll go to something else. .. People asked me, ‘Has she come on to you yet?’ I think she goes both ways.”

One thing she will concede: “Danielle is a good mom. I can’t take that away from her.”

Kim, who lives in Franklin Lakes, has three kids of her own: John, 20, Ryan, 18 and Gia, 16. As for her husband, “We’re like brother and sister. I love my husband but I don’t love him like I’m supposed to love my husband. … I don’t need to marry. It’s not necessary. I don’t need that.”

She says she has a good deal, however – one that allows her to focus on her philanthropic work helping underprivileged people in nearby towns, keeping her house, raising her kids and making her own sauce, Teresa-style.

“If I get on the show, any of the money that I get, I’ll donate it all to charity,” she adds. On a less serious note, she says, she’d be a much better fit than the recently departed Dina Manzo.

Says Kim, “She should lighten up and smile once in a while with those teeth!”

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    • D……

      WHAT???? Is this old thing delusional? After the pole and butt crack ??? Danielle is notorious, she will never be seen as anything but loon toon, and quite creepy.

    • fcny

      Is this woman crazy? Danielle, even with her flaws, IS the show. Without her, that show would be worthless. The Manzo women can’t stand that Danielle won’t take their crap. Dina is like a Stepford wife, and Teresa, well let’s just say she dresses tacky, tries to be showy and flash the money yet files for bankruptcy. They are all full of crap and love to attack Danielle, but they don’t like it when their actions are called into question. I am just a lady in New York who likes Danielle. Don’t hate on her because she had a tough life and made mistakes. Would love to know what the Manzo women hide about their pasts. Wish Danielle would tell what she knows about them. And this woman? She is a nut, loves to stir up trouble and Danielle would be wise to distance herself from her. She only wants camera time which is why she hangs out with Danielle.

      • kellie

        Danielle is the show because she’s a trainwreck .. not exactly something to be proud of. Just sayin’. Nobody “Hates on her because she hd a tough life”. They hate on her, because of her actions TODAY. She draws attention to herself with all of her pathetic publicity stunts.

    • HB

      ummmm….y would danielle feel threatened bout having u as her wingman at an invent with guy???And WOW im glad i dont have friends like u

    • Robbie

      I find Danielle to be one of the better people of “the group”. Interesting how everyone perceives people differently. Truthfully, name-calling, defaming and slander of any person, is classless and rude. People who do this have their own serious issues. Danielle has been the victim of everyone’s insecurities and personal miseries. None of us is perfect, we’ve all made mistakes, would you like to share yours?

    • Robbie

      To Kim DePaola, shame on you for the way you handled the situation in your boutique with Danielle. You are insensitive, hurtful, cruel and unprofessional. Maybe you should get some counseling, as evidently you are socially underdeveloped. For an older woman to be acting like this is NOT NORMAL behavior. You DO NOT make this show exciting, just upsetting to me.

    • D

      Ladies please don’t come back down to Ridgewood and Paramus and visit my sacred Bergen county dog park and “zen” restaurant CHAKRA again PLEASE!! We don’t need your fake lunatic crazy negative drama here.

    • Kate Smith

      Kim G is a delusional Hag! I personally hope she doesn’t get any more camera time on the show next season, and that goes for her ‘buddy’ the drunk Kim D!They aren’t Low class, they have absolutely NO class.

    • 1231hmtd

      Kim “G” is so annyoing! ugh~ its sooooooo OBVIOUS that she is a camera whore. any SANE producer would stop showing her on tv asap.

    • marla

      you and Danielle were good friends. Danielle is my fav and i think you are two face

    • Me in Buffalo

      Kim G. is a lonley pathetic narcissistic B__ch! She has no class and should be asshamed of herself!!!

    • Nicole Roth

      I was disappointed in how Kim G. milked the situation. Kim G. clearly befriended Danielle in the attempts of leveraging opportunity to be on the show or to get her own show. What she did to Danielle isn’t respectable period. The Manzo family is a hateful family. They all gang up on Danielle.

      I could careless what anyone tells me. Danielle may have a past but she’s by far the most sincere Houswife on the show. I’m starting to believe something may’ve happen between Dina & Danielle. Possibly Dina’s husband stepping out on their marriage and Danielle being one of his many mistresses. Because, it’s evident to the degree of hate they have to Danielle there has to be a reason.

      I’m honestly sick of all of them and without DANIELLE STAUB THERE IS NO SHOW!!!!

    • EJ Rocks

      DANIELLE is clearly a very sick person! shes an attention seeking, money grabbing, VILE person and deserves everything she gets and more! the Manzo family simply protect as a family unit and daniell provokes them at every given chance! she shud be put down! and is a despicable human being! kim g is just a shit stirrer but added to the excitement of the show! end of the day its all panto!