Readers Respond: Justin Bieber Belongs On A Barge!

Last Friday, Internet pranksters over at 4Chan hijacked a campaign being held on Justin Bieber‘s website where fans voted on where to send the Biebs on tour next. If life was fair, Justin would be heading over to North Korea right now, but of course once the prank was discovered, those write-ins were all for naught. Lame. Good thing 4Chan retaliated on the 4th of July by targeting Justin’s YouTube videos.

Meanwhile, we asked you guys: Where would you send our floppy-headed zeitgeist if you had the chance? Given the options between such exotic locales as “My bubby’s house in Bethesda, MD ” and “the Gulf oil spill,” over half of you wanted Justin even farther away: Say, a barge in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It makes sense: Do you know how totally exclusive that concert would be? Even Diddy wouldn’t be allowed in. Surprisingly, only 2 percent of you wanted to send Justin to Winnipeg, one of the most remote cities in Canada (we’re told from a knowledgeable source that “It’s just like Buffalo.”) Guess if we can’t have him here, we’re certainly not giving him to Canada.

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