• Wed, Jun 30 2010

The Daily WTF: Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival

The Peruvian Guinea Pig festival actually looks really adorable at first: most of the day is spent dressing up guinea pigs in adorable costumes. It’s really cute, until you fry them for dinner.

(via BuzzFeed)

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  • annonymous

    descusting i have a pet guinea pig and if you really liked it you wouldnt want to kill your own pet

    • Mo

      They’re not pets. They’re raised as food, like how we raise cows and chickens. The Peruvians need the cavies for protein. At least the poor things have one day a year where they’re celebrated. We don’t do that for pigs and turkeys.

  • Unknown

    Please do not show that to me or my friends. That is cruel