Help Us Decide Who To Invite To Our Fictional 4th Of July Party

Guys, we’re hosting an awesome star-studded (imaginary) 4th of July party and the guest list is getting really big so we need your help cutting it down. We’ll of course need a variety of characters to help round out the bash, but too many of the same types could also lead to monotony. So come along, and help us decide who should make the guest list and who should be forced to watch fireworks from the privacy of their own homes.


Miley Cyrus vs. Carrie Underwood

With a hit single called “Party In The U.S.A.,” Miley clearly knows what this holiday is all about. As for Carrie, we don’t know, but she just really seems like she would <3 America.

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    • Erin Carlson

      I voted for Miley because she would keep things interesting, whereas Carrie would be talking about her wedding the whole time, as I’d imagine.