Fame By Numbers: One Is The Loneliest Number For ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky

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Today’s Fame By Numbers is in honor of Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky for powering through the slim pickins’ this season. Her potential husbands have included: Justin “Rated R” Rego, who was kicked off the show when his secret girlfriend phone Ali from Toronto; that desperado dude who got a tattoo of a caged heart to prove his devotion; and Frank Neuschaefer, who leaves her heartbroken and hopeless during the final round in Tahiti.

We have a theory that commenters have pitched as well: That Ali gives a final rose to no one, and remains single to this day. A reader named Annie writes, “I think if Ali doesn’t pick Frank then she will choose no one,” to which commenter Michele responds: “I think she decides to send everyone home..I think she wanted Frank.. and when he left, she couldn’t bear to be heartbroken again.”

Also! Ali’s current behavior makes us suspicious. As fellow watchers point out, she isn’t exactly acting like a woman in love — or rather, a Bachelorette contestant undercover. Typically on the show, contestants go into hiding of sorts between taping and the After The Final Rose special.

So it’s intriguing that Ali has been popping up in public where there are paparazzi cameras. Case in point: Just last week, she was seen cavorting with Hollywood serial dater/vajazzler Jennifer Love Hewitt. This could mean Ali and J.Love are new BFFs and on the prowl; Ali was laughing and having a good time on a girls’ night, which is perfectly normal for women in relationships. However, this Bachelorette seemed on a mission to prove she doesn’t need a man to be happy. Which makes us wonder.

Tell us: Do you think Ali is single or partnered up? If you were in her shoes on The Bachelorette, which of the guys would be your top pick?

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    • Kristina

      I hope she picks Ty!!!

    • Brin

      I would pick Kirk for Ali, they look good together and seem to get along great!

    • SuzieQ

      Ali acts single. Don’t see her wearing a ring on the left hand. She should have picked Chris Lambton. He seemed sincere in making a long term relationship with her work.

    • kris

      If Ali doesn’t pick Roberto, I’ll be dissapointed. He has the perfect package..smart, handsome, caring, and very humble. Anyways, according to RS blogs, she will not pick anyone, and I hope at least she will date Roberto to see how things are going. We’ll find out at the final episode. Good-luck Ali!!

    • Ana

      Oh! I just love roberto!

    • Sarah

      I heard she picks Roberto, but I believe Kirk is the right one for her. That’s her type, that’s who she would fit with. Roberto is gorgeous but he is a little too spicy for her.

    • Lana

      I will pick Roberto….He seems like he’s a caring and honest man

    • Cat

      She should stay single and wait for Jake again xD

    • Sophia

      Chris, Kirk, Roberto and Ty all seem like great, great, great guys, so I’d be really surprised if she doesn’t pick someone! From what I’ve seen on the show (and I’m not sure how much of that I can believe, considering how much influence the ‘producers’ seem to have), they all have great chemistry with her. Roberto seems like he’s just too great, and I’m wondering if they’re hyping him up so that he’ll be the Bachelor next season. Although– I think Chris is definitely funnier and more entertaining, and very sweet over all, and if you couldn’t tell, my favorite hands down. :)

    • anon

      I feel so sorry for her!!!! I think she should pick Roberto. He seems like a good guy.