Reddit Users Have A Mature Conversation About Sex…Sort Of (Or: Why Aren’t There Relationship Sites For Dudes?)

If you’ve ever been on the user-submitted content site Reddit, you know that half the conversations on there are two clicks away from 4chan. Meaning: It’s a good site to find cool content sometimes, if you’re able to navigate through all the porn, flame-wars, and stories about doing heroin with Peaches Geldof. But perusing the site today, we actually came across a pretty articulate sex question from a guy who wanted to know if it was normal for a guy with an average libido to want to wait to have sex with a girl because he likes her. Aw!

Luckily, most of the responses invited real discussion (as opposed to the “LOL DUDE U R A PUSSY” trolls). And still we have to ask: Is an online forum that trades mostly in weird Internet subcultures really the place to be asking a legitimate question about you love life? Isn’t that kind of like going to Yahoo answers to find out how babies are made? And then we realized how lucky we are to be women…while there are hundreds of sex/dating/relationship sites out there to answer any conceivable question we could possibly have about interacting with the opposite sex, straight dudes have almost nowhere to go for their queries. Of course, they could always turn off the computer and go like, talk to someone about their sex/dating doubts, but you know what they say about people in glass houses (they have a great view).

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