Willie Garson Will Never Ask SJP To Guest Star On ‘White Collar’

Crushable has heard from various cast members of the USA show White Collar that star Matt Bomer is always singing on the New York set on the show. But Willie Garson, who plays Mozzie, Matt’s character Neal Caffrey’s sidekick with a shady past, revealed that it’s not just Matt who gets into the singing.

“We’re very musical,” Willie told Crushable while speaking with reporters today. “We’re basically doing a crime version of Glee, but you don’t get to see that on screen…that is a shame for us.”

Willie also joked that working with Matt and Tim DeKay, who share a special rapport on screen as ex-con Neal and FBI agent Peter Burke is, “terrible.”

“They’re hammy, they’re horrible people,” Willie teased. “No, it’s always great. I have become very close, obviously, to Matt because we do most of our stuff together,” he went on, adding that he’s been friends with Tim for years — since the two worked together on the show Ask Harriett in the late 90′s.

Willie, who is probably best known (at least right now) for his role of Stanford on Sex and the City, said working on that show and White Collar are vastly different. “On the other hand [they're similar] in that the city is such a strong character and that we get to shoot in these amazing locations and that New Yorkers are New Yorkers,” he told Crushable. “But it’s a 180 degree difference. Our show is not strictly a comedy whereas Sex and the City, at its heart, let’s not forget, was a comedy.”

And, don’t expect to see Willie’s very dear friend Sarah Jessica Parker guest starring on USA any time soon. “My friendship with SJ goes very deep, so deep that we wouldn’t even consider asking each other something like that,” he said. “That’s how you protect those kinds of relationships, by not asking for things like that. We have talked about it many times in terms of, ‘Isn’t it sad that we can’t do that?’ If we ever were to appear on camera again together, there is a fear that it would take you out of the scene…that is something that you have to think about. It’s sad because I would love to work with her every day of my life.”

(Photo courtesy of USA Network)

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