Video: Kristen Stewart Gives The Finger And Tells Girls To Be Healthy

Check it out: Kristen Stewart telling it how it is. At last night’s premiere of Twilight: Eclipse, Kristen spoke candidly about body image, saying, “Be healthy and fuck everyone! Seriously, like whaaaatever.” To fully express all that teenage Bella angst, she even gave the finger! But then, obviously realizing her PG statement may not fly with the kids (and could be misinterpreted), she clarified her message: “Should I give you another one without that? Be healthy and don’t care about what anyone thinks. Because like, it doesn’t matter.”

Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob, we’re all for Team Kristen!

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    • Kimber


    • Cello

      YES!! Kristen, you’ve done it again! You continue to amaze me. :D