Last Night I Met John Mayer

Crushable contributor “Robin Sparkles” tells all about her encounter with the singer/songwriter/pickup artist:

I decided to go out with some friends last night, and we met John Mayer. Here’s how it went down: the bar around the corner was crowded so we walked into a different place on New York’s Lower East Side. They told us the club area downstairs was “closed for a private party,” but that we could have a drink at the bar upstairs. It was lively, and we mostly just wanted to talk, so we stayed.

Around 1:30 a.m., I stepped outside to make a phone call, and spotted John Mayer lingering outside the bar. After I hung up, I thought I would shadily snap a cell phone pic of John, just because it was funny and he looked kind of lost. I’m usually not the type to take photos of celebrities, but I wanted to make my friend who had recently gone home and happens to love John Mayer just a little bit jealous. I was at a distance, so I was pretty sure John hadn’t seen it.

As I walked back inside and told my friends about my sighting, the strapping, tattooed Mr. Mayer made his way inside as well. The only seats open at the bar happened to be two next to me, so John and his buddy sat down.

“It’s probably a really crappy picture because your cell phone has a bad camera,” he said. I laughed it off, and told him my friend had a big crush on him. “When you look in the mirror, do you see your friend?” he asked, half-jokingly. Just because you’re a celebrity, that does not constitute an acceptable pickup line.

He finally eased up and extended a hand, introducing himself with a, “Hey, I’m John.”

We started casually chatting and he ordered a whiskey on the rocks, which he didn’t really drink. Then he asked me why I was wearing a mens’ watch, which I didn’t have a good answer for, but he told me it was “really sexy.” Thanks, John.

When he stopped his rant about watches, conversation inexplicably led to dogs, and he pulled out his iPhone to show me some pictures. First of all, he has a pink case on his iPhone, and second, his dog is really wimpy looking. I showed him pictures of my dogs, but he didn’t think they were as cute as his. I beg to differ!

Our conversation was interrupted when a blond girl sitting at the other end of the bar started singing along to whatever classic rock anthem was playing. John caught sight of this, and jokingly offered her $1000 on the spot if she could get all the lyrics right. She messed up on the first line, but he said he would give her double if she could finish the song correctly. She messed up the words soon thereafter, but he said she could have a drink on his tab because it was really brave that she got up on her own and sang in a bar.

After this, John told me my body language was “really standoffish,” but other than that, he was nice enough. He is also really tall.

(Image via my cell phone.)

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    • Todd

      So where is the photo?

    • Anne Marie

      Frankly, BOTH Mr. Mayer AND Ms. Sparkles seem to have problems reading people. Both just ASSUMED the other person was interested in them. Egos?

    • sar.

      pic or it didn’t happen.

    • Erin Carlson

      It’s true. I was not there but I know Ms. Sparkles and can vouch for it. Not to diminish her encounter, but Mayer is always out and about near his Soho apartment chatting up pretty girls, bartenders, anyone. And sometimes he whips out pictures of his dog.

    • Erin Carlson

      Update with pic!

    • Anne

      i wish i could live in america so i could just “bump” into hot artists like john mayer. I dont doubt that he wasnt flirtatious, i mean.. when youre that popular i guess you kind of get full of yourself (to a degree) and he obviously has no confidence issues…

    • commanderemmanuel

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      Commander,E.O. UNN.