Turns Out The Jersey Housewives All Have Money Problems

RHONJAs we’ve noted previously, some the Real Housewives of New Jersey seem to have some budget problems. Both Teresa and Danielle have even put their houses up for sale. Jezebel’s cooked up a pretty extensive report on the various characters’ financial woes.

As it turns out:

  • Jacqueline’s husband’s company just went bankrupt.
  • Danielle did not pay some taxes back in 2006 and 2007.
  • Caroline went to court for not paying medical bills in the ’90s. The Brownstone, the event space her family operates, has also had a bunch of financial battles.
  • Dina’s husband Tommy was sued by American Express and Bank of America in 2006.
  • Oh, and Teresa, as you likely know, is $11 million in debt.
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    • Marty

      I am so glad Teresa and Jacquleine are starting to get their karma for being so hollier than thou and judgemental against Danielle. Lets see how this plays out. It never pays to be mean. Kindness is a much better option. I hate how they keep bringing up Danielle not acknowleding Jacquelines baby yet, they never called her when her moom died and in fact, asked her to stay out of their lives. HYPOCRITES! I dislike Jacqueline the most. TWO-FACED!

      • Becks

        Ummm i think Marty needs to get a life . Wishing bad on other doesnt help you out either. Karma can head your way let people live their life and just live yours.

    • zero milligrams (o.m.g.)

      i found a site that shows what each one of these ladies are worth…
      i mean net worth!!!
      they fall in this order;
      jill (bobbys’ family money)
      sonja (old may flower money)
      ramoma (her money-retail sales-jewelry-skin care)
      bethenny (very much her money-chef-martha stewart app.-books-drink)
      kelly (satchels of gold means dirty old man balls money)
      luann (vieil homme, count-less and worth-less)
      alex (hard working in brooklyn money)
      but what will surprise you is only ramona, bethenny and alex are they only ones that did not married/divorce old men for money but made it themselves.
      i also checked out the jersey girls from rhonj…
      the biggest shock there is what that kim g., that lady danielle hangs with, isn’t worth…
      carol (husband family business)
      dina (husband family business plus worked herself)
      jacqueline (husband, father, husband)
      teresa (can someone please explain bank ruptcy to me and what in the heck is a fresh start whenever spend like crazy—she doesn’t know the difference between 100 dollar bills and toilet paper…she sucks)
      danielle (whatever/married/divorced/nite stand prositution w**r*/drug sales coke w**r*/kid napping/extortion/stripper/lap dance/sex tapes/crappy book and pah-leeze do not sing b***h)
      kim g. (whos’ bentley is she riding around in)
      celebrities net worth.com
      you can put in any of their names for some cheap giggles and laughs…