Wondering What Stars Will Look Like In 20 Years?

Have you been pondering just how haggard the Biebs is going to look when he hits 36? Ponder no more. Thanks to some magical software over at In20Years.com, you can upload a photo of anyone you like…and just like that, he or she is aged two decades! We’ve put together a gallery of what the site thinks these 25 (mostly young) celebs will look in 2030. Try it with a photo of yourself, and let us know what you think! Don’t feel badly, we looked terrible too.

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    • Taylor

      Justin Bieber cannot look that bad at 36. No one looks that bad. And I’m not even that much of a Bieber fan, I’m just saying he’ll be better looking. And what happend to Taylor Lautner’s teeth?!

    • sam

      you guys are terrible at photoshop, since that’s clearly all you used. at least learn how to use it correctly.

    • lyramie

      i like to make this photo,,,,

    • Caroline

      um…we sure Lohan’s even going to look THAT “good” in 20 years? that would prob be an improvement on what she looks like right now.

    • hah

      drake kinda looks like tiger woods