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Tavi Gevinson – the fashion blogger who managed to inspire Rodarte’s line for Target, get profiled in New York Times story, and had her own column in Harper’s Bazaar all before she graduated from middle school – is now guest-blogging over at Jezebel. Which speaks volumes, since James Frey and Jill Zarin were only able to get unpaid internships at the Gawker empire.

Of course, Tavi is an exception, not a rule. Her blog, The Style Rookie, is popular in no small part because she’s so young. And as we saw from TheGloss’ review of the G(irls)20 Summit, Tavi isn’t alone: young women from all over the world are becoming smarter, savvier writers because their creative writing outlets are no longer limited to just their diaries. Or maybe we just forgot how smart we all really were back at 13, since we were so busy being insecure and going through all those “body changes.”

There’s probably a sweeping statement to be made about Internet culture and young tweens today, but instead of postulating, we’d like to see some more examples of girls like Tavi. After all, as the girl herself said today:

“I think it’ll also be nice to have a younger voice at the site. Wait, that sounds like you guys are like, oh-my-gawd, so OLD, it’s not like that — but it’s just that, I mean, everyone’s always talking about ‘THE YOUTH’ and ‘THE CHILDREN’ and stuff.”

So lets get some more show and less tell: If you are, or know of any cool young girls with smart blogs, send them our way. We’re sure Tavi isn’t the only wunderkind out there.

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