‘Toy Story 3′ Apparently Best Movie, Ever (Or At Least In Top 10)

I love Pixar, but oddly enough I have no desire to see Toy Story 3 (sorry, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks and childhood and puppies and everything good about the world). I am also alone in that sentiment. Even those among us who make a career guzzling Haterade for everything in pop culture love Toy Story 3. As Best Week Ever pointed out, it is currently #8  in a list of the top 250 movies of all time, as voted by IMDB users. To be fair, IMDB users are not necessarily the best judge of a film’s quality or timelessness, but it is a very good gauge at determining what a subsection of the populace (rabid movie fans…not to be confused with film nerds or film snobs) considers top-notch.

But my question is: Did anyone see Toy Story 2? I don’t remember it being that huge of a deal, in the “Everything Pixar makes is gold” sort of way. It kind of went under the radar as a kid’s movie. So in that way sure, the Toy Story trilogy does bear some similarities to one of the other most beloved franchised of all times: Star Wars.

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    • Ben

      Wasn’t Toy Story 2 largely regarded as one of the few sequels to be better than its predecessor? I know it’s personally my favourite Pixar movie. Oh and Toy Story 3 is brilliant by the way.

    • TareX

      I saw TS3 today. To put it in plain, simple words: It deserves a spot much higher on that list (last time I checked, it became 9.3/10). Easily the best animation of all time, and one of the greatest movies ever made, in all time.

      Bloody brilliant. I still don’t know how they made a 27 year old surgeon cry so hard over an animation about Toys.

      By the way, I remember seeing TS2 a long time ago… I remember it was amazing at the time.

    • Chip

      No desire to see Toy Story 3? Well, it’s your loss; it’s a great film. I’d definitely put it above The Dark Knight, for sure.

    • Chad

      I watched the first toy story as a 27 year old with no kids and thought it was great. I saw toy story 2 as a new parent and thought it was even better. I saw toy story 3 as a father of 3 and bawled like a little girl. Any animated movie or series that can make you care that much about the characters and at the sane time ponder your own place in life’s journey is worthy of best ever, in my opinion

    • Andy’s distance love

      You really have no desire to see TS3 at all? I saw the movie yesterday. I had never cried so hard with a movie, ever. It’s the best animated movie of all time and of course one of the best by Pixar (with Monsters Inc and WALL·E)
      If you really don’t want to watch the movie, then it’s your lost. I’m telling you, it’s gonna make you cry like a little girl.