Source: ‘Real World’s’ Danny And Melinda Still ‘Officially Married’

Danny and MelindaAfter learning last week that Danny Jamieson from Real World: Austin was tending bar at The Greatest Bar in Boston, we set out to find out the truth about what happened between Danny and his wife, fellow Real World cast mate Melinda Stolp.

A source who works with Danny reveals to Crushable that while he and Melinda are still technically married, “You wouldn’t know it by the way he acts.” That info does seem to fit with all the tips we’ve been getting about the reality couple. And it also seems like Melinda is having some fun of her own. But the lack of an official divorce could explain why we couldn’t find a divorce filing in Massachusetts.

We’ve also been getting tips that Melinda is living and working in Milwaukee. With him in Boston and her in Wisconsin, it’s safe to say they’re dunzo. But why not make it official?

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