‘Real Housewives’ Kid Albie Manzo Faces Law School Trouble, But Seeks A Date

Carole, Chris and Albie ManzoLast night on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo faced a very real family crisis as her older son Albie revealed that he was failing law school and had been asked not to come back.

“For those that are parents out there, I’m sure you knew exactly what I meant when I said how badly you feel when your child hurts,” Caroline blogged on the Real Housewives website today, adding that she “can’t disclose too much of the story” because “it plays out over the next few episodes.”

What that means we can only guess. Does Albie return to school and “fight,” as Caroline advises him, or does he move on to another law school more sympathetic to his learning disorders? What struck me during the episode was that learning disabilities shouldn’t stop anyone from doing anything, and if he’s smart, capable and determined to be a lawyer, I’m sure he can find a school somewhere that will accept him with open arms. Either way, Albie’s story (as told by Caroline on her blog) is heartwarming. He never gave up:

“He’s always struggled academically, but he persevered and overcame many obstacles with the help of his Special Education teachers and support at home,” Caroline wrote. “The one thing Albie never did was give up. As a high school senior he was told not to apply to Fordham University as an undergrad. His counselor didn’t think Albie had what it took to get in, and even if he did get in, he’d never make it. I was at that meeting with Albie; I thanked the counselor and we excused ourselves from her office. When we got in the car I looked at Albie and told him to never let anyone tell him he can’t do anything. If you have the heart and desire to work it will happen. Albie applied to Fordham University. …Although his grades were average, after meeting Albie and reviewing his records, he was accepted. Albie graduated with a BA in business from Fordham University in May of 2008.”

I have a feeling Albie will be back in law school — or moving on to another big dream — soon. But in the meantime, he won’t be lacking for dates. The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, another Bravo personality and reportedly an “old friend” of Caroline’s, is on the lookout for nice young Italian women for Albie and his brother, Chris. How do we get in the running for that?

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    • Bronx 52

      As a Fordham graduate and consitent donor to the school for over 35 years, I can honestly say that if Albie was both admitted and subsequently graduated from the Business School that I will never send another dime to my alma mater. How much did the Manzo’s have to pay to get their moron son into the college and I have to ask the administrators at Rose Hill if it was worth it. Capice?

      • Dr. Debra Stewart

        If I were Fordham, I’d be ashamed of someone who is so devoid of compassion and knowledge as to call a LD’ed individual a moron. Although you may have lived a rosy life without personal or familial problems, others haven’t. If he stuck it out in HS, college, and the 1st year of law school when he could have had “a car wash-strip club combo that would make Mommy proud,” then he deserves your consideration. Thanking God I’m not a Yankee, Dr. Debra Stewart TEXAN

      • ajack

        Whomever the individual is, Bronx 52 (the coward didn’t even use a name), should be ashamed of themselves. Hopefully you’ll get some rocks thrown at your glass house soon! The University should return your measly donation & be ashamed to have such an unhappy, jealous, angry person represent Fordham in any way. Find your happiness & let go of your jealousy.

    • Dr. Debra Stewart

      Caroline: The law school debacle is, too, a battle you can help Albie with. Assuming it’s not already settled satisfactorily, all you have to do is meet with the powers that be, and ask, “Have you all ever heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act? It might interest you. It’s a LAW that protects LD/ED/orthopedically challenged individuals with special services for FREE! The list includes tutoring, alternate testing methods, and freedom from disparagement.

      If you need help, contact me privately- no fee or publicity involved. Dr. Debra Stewart, a TEXAN with lifelong rheumatologic disorders who freely advocates for others in need.

      • Bronx 52

        Dr. Stewart:
        First of all what kind of a doctor sits around reading blogs like this about real Housewives of NJ? Second of all, I do not believe Albie is “LD” or that anyone in that family can spell “LD.” The main problem Albie suffers from is being a low class cafone with too much money.

    • LastoftheZucchiniFlowers

      Vis a vis learning disabilities and Albie’s Law school problems: Please. Let me ask Mrs. Manzo the following question: when YOU and your husband need a top notch shark attorney, would YOU pick one who is LD? Ditto when you need a surgeon. Forget this! I want the smartest, meanest and MOST ARTICULATE lawyer in the tank and the same for my doctors and/or surgeons. I do not want an LD lawyer, doctor, hairdresser, accountant, etc. sorry – but Albie had better pick a different field. I agree with this FATHER who bluntly and correctly said it: if he lets this stop him, he doesn’t DESERVE to be a lawyer. Anyone who is a lawyer and who has finished law school KNOWS the copious amount of reading which is de rigeur as a student and practicing barrister. Albie might be easy on the eyes but I DOUBT he’s much for hitting the books as hard as a law student needs to do. C’mon. He’s not only NOT FORDHAM material, he’s not LAW SCHOOL material. I agree with Fordham’s Dean. Maybe he’ll opt for what Christuh-fuh Moltisante did to get his trader’s license: get some East Asian kid to attend class for him and take the bar exam? THEN, he can hang his shingle – knowing that he didn’t do a THING to rate it. Isn’t that the usual way for these wise guy wannabe guinea goombahs? PS – I’m a Jersey Italian, hence fully cognizant of how they ‘roll’.

    • Sandra

      Lastofthezuchinniflowers: you obviously don’t understand dyslexia and related conditions. They are not conditions of limited intellect. They are conditions that impact how an individual processes written and spoken language. Most LD people have a higher than average, if not genius IQs, although their intelligence manifests itself in creative ways, rather than through mastery by wrote memorization (such as high test scores). To suggest that a LD can’t be a crackerjack lawyer or other professional is ridiculous. I’m a profound dyslexic and I graduated from Cal Tech and UPenn law. I wasn’t top of my class in law school, but as a patent attorney, I’m more successful than many of my peers at the bar because of my creativity and ability to look at issues from a unique perspective. Law school grades are a poor measure of success as a practicing attorney.

      I wish the best for Albie and hope he doesn’t give up on his dream. I, too had many people tell me I couldn’t (couldn’t get into Cal Tech, get into law school, etc.). I’m glad I never gave up.

    • Tamara Thompson

      What kind of alleged “learning disability” does this guy have???? He seems pretty normal to me, and I can’t find any specifics. I think his only problem is that he’s not smart enough or focused enough to make it in law school. (I couldn’t have either, due to lack of focus.) If he’s having that much trouble and needs help from the school, then how is he ever going to survive as a practicing attorney??? This is a total crock. I’m watching an episode right now and the guy is consulting an attorney… to sue the school? I have never seen such a bunch of losers as I have seen on this particular Real Housewives. Danielle is the least offensive!

      • ajack

        If this crazy thinks Danielle is the least offensive, even if based simply on what she’s admitted to & the drama she creates in her poor daughters lives, crazy is an understatement. You probably love Kelly too!

    • Sarah

      It is disappointing to see the lack of knowledge many people have. I’d like to see the medical degrees from the people saying, “He seems fine to me.” Look up the symptoms of adult ADHD and do some reading. ADHD symptoms in adults are manifested quite differently from child ADHD. Also, someone with a learning disability is perfectly capable of achieving the same goals as those around them. A learning disability does not mean you are not “smart enough.” They just need medication, therapy, and proper accommodations. I just graduated from Georgetown Law and was diagnosed with ADHD my 2nd year. I lived with ADHD my entire life, yet it was not detected until the age of 26! Fortunately, my school was very understanding and provided me with the tools necessary to perform well. Unfortunately for Albie, his school was not so understanding. It is very sad that there is a negative stigma attached to such disabilities. Clearly I am intelligent and capable of doing the work–I simply required accommodations.

    • gail

      Caroline and Albie
      I have an idea to share with you about his current employment situation. My friend and I took a Housewives tour. We goggled everyone’s name to find addresses and then got directions from map quest. We also goggled all businesses as well. We started with Dina’s house then went to Caroline, Jacqueline, Kim G. Danielle and Teresa’s. In between we ate breakfast at the Oakland diner and lunch at Teresa pizza place. It was a lot of fun. A few passersby waved. We thought we saw Kim G. coming out of her house and we met the other Kim at Poshe. We went to the market basket to check out the panninis Danielle loves. I think Albie could get a bus and start his own tour. We could pass our map to him to get him started. I think he should make it like a progressive dinner. Stop at Dina’s for wine, Carolyn’s for appetizers, Jacqueline’s for salad and soup, Kim G. for main meal and Teresa’s for dessert. No stopping at Danielle’s we noticed her house was up for sale and looked vacant. Email me back a way to get this info to Albie or you pass it along if you can.
      Thanks Gail and Debbie from NJ

    • ines

      Maybe they did give him lots of help and he still blew it. Seems he spent most of his time smiling for the cameras instead of home in Mommy’s house studying.

      Guess after they paid off Fordham and Seton Hall and his big shot lawyer, they had no one else to bribe for now.