Pal Of ‘Bachelorette’ Cutie Frank Neuschaefer: ‘What You See Is What You Get’

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You might recognize Frank Neuschaefer as the dorky-cute contestant vying for Ali Fedotowsky‘s affection on The Bachelorette, but Chicago resident Danya Proud knows him as her longtime friend — one she can always count on to show up to her birthday party and make her laugh.

“He is a very genuine, honest person who I would call a very loyal friend,” Danya (in the photo to the left) tells Crushable. “What you see is what you get.”

On Monday’s episode, set in Iceland, it was extremely clear that Ali was falling for Frank, who expressed insecurities about sharing her with the other guys on the show. (Frank, get a clue! She likes YOU.) So Ali gave him puppy-dog eyes and advised him to stay in the game and show her some love.

Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl that Frank leaves Ali during the finals in Tahiti to rekindle the flame with his Chicago-based love, Nicole. Spoiler Alert: If you’d rather wait until after the Bachelorette finale to know Frank’s current relationship status, read no further!

Danya saw Frank  with Nicole at a Halloween party last year. “As far as I know, they’re still together,” she says of Frank and Nicole.

Danya says, “He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and is taking it for what it is.” At the moment, she says, he’s been taking it easy in Chicago and is “kind of sick of watching himself on TV.”

Truth be told, was he genuine about his feelings for Ali?

“He was doing it for the right reasons,” says Danya. “He’s been in several  long-term relationships, he’s not just jumping from one girl to the next.”

She says she can count on the former finance professional-turned-aspiring screenwriter to show up for her birthday party every year. “He’s the life and soul of the party. … He’s always there. When he says he’s gonna do something, he always shows up.”

Some other facts about Frank: He’s a practical joker who loves Halloween (one year he was a rabbit and his girlfriend was a carrot); he’s a natural-born ladies’ man (“It’s always been that way,” says Danya. “He definitely gets his fair share of girls); and contrary to his image on the show, he does NOT have four eyes!

“I’ve never seen him in glasses before,” Danya says, adding that perhaps producers asked him to wear them.

Frank worked as a retail manager at an Abercrombie & Fitch to make some money after leaving his cushy finance gig; after a months-long trip to Europe, he decided there was “more to life than just sitting at home,” Danya says.

“He’s got big ambitions, big dreams,” she adds.

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    • jessica

      wow! frankis a total jerk! i thought was nice i felt bad for him b cause i thought he was nerdy! poor ali! shes been through alot first justin now frank who else! i heard she is not even going 2 mary anyone on the show and i mean who could blame her?

      • Judy

        He’s just another friggin player. And is Ali stupid or what? The only two that seem to have any brains and offer some consistent financial security (like a year round job) are Roberto and Craig. Roberto is definitely hot, but she’s so stupid she’ll get rid of him too I bet. And Craig is adorable, he was a keeper- a real man, not a fake and she didn’t give him a friggin chance-not hot enough for her I guess,Stupid girl Ali. Kyle I think that was his name? He’s got nothing, a box of rocks!

    • Cali gal, formerly Chicago gal

      OMG! What the heck is Frank thinking? Gimme a break!! Ali, doing just a phenomenal job as the Bachlorette! She is so sincere, calm, collective, beautiful and so into Frank. I am just as thoroughly disappointed in Chicago Frank! Embarrased to say that I am from Chi-town! Cripe! Time to send Ali a “surprise” visitor…..Jake???!! Please replace the Chicagoian with someone worthy of Ali!

    • spohia

      how can danya write that frank is a genuine and honest guy?he is none an honest person will not go this far he is a JERK bringing someones heart on national tv is unspeakable.he should have been a men and left a long time ago i am sooo pissed at him but know this frank what comes around,goes around you are going to get yours and trust and believe it will be worse than what you did to Ali you’re an idiot!!!

    • Cat

      Apparently Frank’s close personal friend, Dayna doesn’t really know him at all, or she is also a lying biotch (just helpin’ out her bud). First she says he takes all of his relationships seriously and is not jumping from one to another, that he was on the shoe for “the right reason” (wait, what? For his own publiciity reason – that’s “right” for him). But then she says that as far as she knows (as of the taping) he was still very much with his girlfriend. You are all sleaze bags and worse than Justin.

    • Cat

      There are however conflicting reports about Frank and this GF. While a previous report claims Frank and Nicole Caruso, 23, were broken up before he went on the show, Star magazine claims Frank was still with Nicole before leaving to do the show. The mag claims he only went on the Bachelorette to try to further his career.

      “Frank wants a screenwriting career, and he assured her that he was only going on The Bachelorette for the show business exposure,” a friend of Nicole tells Star. “This whole business about Frank wistfully longing for a former girlfriend seems like a sham. He and Nicole were rock-solid when he left for the show, and I believe they still are. He never had any interest in Ali.”…Reality Tea

    • Beatty

      I’m done with the show as of Monday. It was always mind candy but the producers and guys this season bring the show to a whole new low. I don’t know who (producers, ali) knew what when about all the other girls back home but no woman should be treated like that or take part in being portrayed in that manner. Lots of women and young girls watch this show. ABC skip the trash and show women in better shows.

    • Dylan Kennedy – UoP

      I used to know this guy frank and still talk a lot to some people up there that know him and stuff. Anyways, they say that he(Frank) told the staff people that he just wanted to leave because it was getting too weird but they paid him some good money to hide it for a while and make it all dramatic – He says they planned it all out for a while when no one told Ali or anything. The producers and all were happy and stuff about it; didn’t think once about Ali other than ratings value.

    • HannahR

      I love you Frank!!!!

      Frank has been my number one since the first episode. I believe he was number one in Ali’s eyes too considering the rumors saying she picks no one. I personally wish he stays and proposes on the final but this is a show! I love the show and am always hoping for that fairytale ending. Most of the couples break up right after the show airs. Maybe Frank and Ali know this and went with the odds.

      In other words I forgive you Frank. You went back to the real world and back to someone that was a sure thing rather than someone you met on a reality show. Can’t really blame the guy right??

      Don’t get me wrong I am disappointed. Am I surprised though? No..


    • Riri

      Eff you Frank. U freaking suck!!!!! I hate this. How much of it was a show for you? Being excited for ur 1 on 1? I hated justin for what he did. And you felt bad for Ali… how he messed with her journey. Ur just as low. Hypocrite much? Ali is by farrr my favorite and i hate Frank for doing this to her.


      • Sherri

        Frank knew that Allie had fallen for him. She basically told him that she needed him to step it up if he was really in. Yes, he played a good role. Frank, you are a selfish piece of SHIT!! If you still had feelings for your ex, you should have left long before now! As for being on this show and not wanting her to date other men, you knew what you were getting into when you signed up! Now that everyone thinks Frank has pulled this little stunt for his carreer, sorry Frank, but I think your career is done! No one cares anything about people like you and Justin! JERK!!! Frank was my favorite! Such a good match for Allie…Glad his true colors finally came out! Hang in there Allie, you deserve the best and he is out there somewhere!! When you least expect it!

    • jane

      franks a JERK!

    • bluesky

      Who would go on a TV show looking for love and finding it? Who would want cameras in their faces during romantic moments? Are all these people looking for love or looking for money? None of those guys were in serious jobs and Ali was unemployed. Dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what all those people were doing on that show.

    • bluesky

      Everyone got to travel around the world stay in nice hotels eat fancy meals for free act like jerks and got paid for it too. My daughter is Ali’s age and she said she wouldnt date any of those losers even if they were the last men on earth. The show is entertaining thats all and I cant believe there are peopl who take it seriously.

    • Tara

      What a joke this show is. Why bother portraying the bachelor or bachelorette as sincere if half of the contestants have significant others? It seems like Ali sincerely wants to find someone she’s compatible with and cruel that Justin and Frank only went on the show to get some screen time. FRANK – you’re a jerk and a loser and I hope everyone forgets you by next month and that you have no career in show biz. Go back to managing the 5 and dime down the street.


      Fuck Ali and this show. I’ve never seen this show, just read the article. But I am assuming that if I did watch this show I would want to kill my self, just like all of you bitches should. Frank was indecisive just like most women out there are. Why is it such a shock when a man can’t make up his mind about which tramp he wants to give half of his shit too when they get divorced?

    • traci

      Thank you Frank. Thank you for saving Alli from you…… she definately deserves better!

    • Kay

      I think Frank was actually really honest about the situation, I think he was genuinely confused. I feel bad that Ali had to get hurt in the process, but at least he didn’t make it all the way to the last episode and propose just to break it off with her later. When he finally figured out his feelings he was open and honest. I do agree that he probably should have talked to Ali about it sooner, but he really did feel that he was falling for her and like he said he thought that his feelings would be gone and he would have closure. Sometimes it is really hard to get over someone else and you feel like you are ready to move on, only to find out that you are still in love with that person. Feelings aren’t black and white, they are all sorts of shades of grey. I think that he did go on the show with good intentions, he really did want to fall in love, he just wasn’t expecting that he would find out that he was still in love with his ex gf.

      All in all even though I watch the show, I still think that most of the time the feelings aren’t real, even if they might feel real at the time. I mean come on they are going on all these fantasy dates and not living in real life, plus those feelings get all boggled around when you are dating multiple people at the same time. So again kudos to Frank for realizing what true love is for him and not dragging it out any longer. I do hope Ali finds love and maybe she will find something real, but I won’t be surprised if she chooses someone and then they break up. Biggest Loser has been more successful so far in making love connections compared to the Bachelor/Bachelorette, probably because the contestants on that show aren’t looking for love, but rather experience changes together and have a lot more in common, plus they experience being around each other for 3 to 4 months, instead of 1 1/2 months or so. Okay sorry that was so long.

    • suz

      ok, i must confess, i have always had a thing for slightly nerdy, yet attractive guys who are talented or can make me laugh. There is something quite attractive and appealing about Frank. Yet, as a psychotherapist, i noticed that he seemed distant and withholding at times. i did not see all the episodes, but i found myself wondering early on if he was a commitment-phobe and not truly able to commit whole heartedly to a romantic relationship. Commitment phobes often bail when things are starting to look more serious (meeting the parents etc) just as they are getting what they think they want, they became scared. could this be why his ex Nicole suddenly seems so appealing again… Just a thought. Hope that is not the case. Always hoping people find true and lasting relationships. Best of luck to him. Hope Ali”s heart will heal and that she finds her own path to happiness. Best wishes!

    • Deborah

      Frank seems like an honorable man to me. He was as honest as he could be without dragging anyone through a painful journey unless he absolutely had to. These men do have lives ya know. They’re not inanimate objects waiting on the shelf for some “reality” show to bring them to life. The minute he was sure he honestly, genrously, divulged it. Ali comes across as a greedy moron to me. Has she never been conflicted before? Seriously. ?? Frank, you made the right choice. Ali will be fine with her other lovers. Don’t give it another moment’s thought. All I know is that when i’m in love, I’m like Nicole. I don’t want anybody else. I can’t play with love. I can’t pretend. your honesty is admirable. And the fact that you didn’t hurt anyone with your confusion, you waited until YOU were sure before you ever brought anyone to tears, tells me al I need to know about your character. Good job Frank! Nicole is a very lucky woman. :)

    • GRRR Frank not GRREEAT!!!!!

      Hey FRANK from the bachelorette!!!! Obviously you knew that you still had feelings for that Nicole earlier on in the show. Why did you wait til then to tell her. I wonder what you were thinking when Justin was busted. hmmmm. You are such a bastard.. Maybe someone else (like kirk) couldve had a chance to be with her. It was not very smart to wait til she is at a very vulnerable stage to tell her, you knew all along about these feelings and all you had to do is be honest with her. FROM THE BEGINNING YOU PULLED BACK, NOW ALL US VIEWERS KNOW WHY…All the best to you Ali…Its your loss Frank, Ali is a great person…true, beautiful and smart.

    • Ana

      It is very sad that Frank didn’t end up with Ali… It looked like they had great chemestry. I don’t think he is in love with Nicole at all. When you are in love you dont go to this type of shows! 9even if you broke up months before) I think he got scared. Nicole doesn’t seem like his type and looks kind of insecure. I never took any of my ex boyfriends back… i give them a chance during the relationship but never take them back. If im done, im done for a good reason. it wont work again.