Katy Perry And Russell Brand To Be Hot In Latex Wedding Apparel

Oh, you two. While being unconventional is obviously very important to Katy Perry and her British comedian fiance Russell Brand, there’s definitely a way to come off as “kooky” and “original” at your own wedding ceremony without looking like gimps in an Amsterdam sex club. But then again, maybe they’re just screwing with us?

Doesn’t sound like it though: They both “adore” Lady Gaga because “no one dresses like her anywhere in the civilised world” (right…all those 3rd world countries where people go around dressing like backups in “Bad Romance?”) and have approached her designer Kudo – who created the red latex outfit for Gaga’s “Alejandro” video – to design the form-fitting bondage clothing they will pledge their eternal vows in.

In other news, Katy Perry wants Rihanna to dance at her bachelorette party. Guess now is the time to start calling in those celebrity favors you gained after throwing the best birthday party in the world.

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