‘Harold And Kumar 3′ Begins Filming, But Will NPH Live On?

Hollywood never lets a successful franchise go until they bleed it dry as a bone, so it’s not that surprising that John Cho and Kal Penn are revising their roles as the smart stoners in a third Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle film. The rumors surrounding the movie originally involved it being A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, though that has yet to be confirmed.

All we know so far is that filming has begun, and comedian Patton Oswalt is somehow involved, as evidenced by a one of John Cho’s Tweets yesterday during filming, “In Michigan. @pattonoswalt in my vicinity, holding a sketch pad, duct tape, and a reel to reel audio recorder. Eeesh.” Then again, maybe Patton is just there to kidnap the adorable Star Trek star.

But our burning, itching question of the day: Will Neil Patrick Harris make another cameo as himself, despite being shot and killed (?) in the last film? Since the Harold & Kumar films basically jump-started NPH’s career of self-referential roles, we doubt he could turn down a request for at least a unicorn-themed dream sequence. (Especially since he’s already told reporters he’s psyched about the script.) Also, we have yet to see Neil turn down any chance for publicity in the past year, so it’d be weird if he started now.

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