5 Things You Need To Know About Kenny Wormald, New Star Of ‘Footloose’

After the role was turned down by Zac Efron and Chase Crawford, Footloose has finally announced its lead star: Kenny Wormald. Think he’s a no-name? Well, it’s time to get acquainted.

  1. Kenny starred in Center Stage…well, Center Stage 2: Turn It Up
  2. Kenny started dancing at age 6 when his mom caught him dancing to a New Kids On The Block music video. (Um, just like every other kid in 1990).
  3. Kenny’s dance team won the World Tap Dance Competition in Germany.
  4. In addition to acting in Center Stage 2, Kenny has danced in a number of movie sequels! Titles include Clerks II and Jackass II! Fittingly, now he’s starring in a remake.
  5. Kenny has danced in music videos for a bunch of stars, including Madonna, Mariah Carey, JoJo, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown and Nelly Furtado and Prince.
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