The 12 Celebrities You’ll See At a Summer Solstice Party

Today is June 21, which means it is the first day of summer. The Earth’s axial tilt is most inclined toward the sun, resulting in the longest day of the year and the shortest night. In olden times, the Celts would mark the solstice with bonfires and dancing; the Chinese honored Li, the Goddess Of Light.

Some peeps are still whooping it up for the Solstice, either at Stonehenge, Santa Barbara or at a splendid backyard cocktail party (thanks to awesome advice from Real Simple).

Hey, you’ll see a celebrity there! Here’s who you’ll probably see and presented without commentary:

1. Woody Harrelson.

2. Sad Keanu.

3. Russell Brand.

4. Katy Perry.

5. Kenan Thompson.

6. Kate Hudson, circa 2002.

7. Jeremy Sisto.

8. Jason Castro.

9. Natalie Portman.

10. Peaches Geldof.

11. John Mayer, trying to get with NatPort.

12. Courtney Love.

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