Celeb Tweetup: Time To Entertain Us

It is (was?) a beautiful day outside, so hopefully you got to enjoy some of this nice weather. Maybe read a book in a park. Just chillax, you know? Don’t worry about what’s going on with our Twitter friends…they’re all freaking out about sports or cosplaying, so nothing too new there.

Frankie Muniz (@frankiemuniz) actually made us LOL at this one. Almost makes up for the rat BBQ.

Don’t you have lupus and suffering from exhaustion, Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)? Maybe you should relax.

You didn’t even give us time to miss you, Rob Kardashian (@robkardashian)!

Look Adrianne Curry (@adriannecurry), you’ve got the WoW nerd contingent locked-down. You don’t need to keep trying so hard.

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