Celeb Tweetup: Motivational Speakers

Do you remember that line in Annie Hall where a very young Jeff Goldblum is at the party in L.A. at Paul Simon‘s house and is on the phone to his therapist going, “I’ve forgot my mantra?” Luckily that never happens in Hollywood today, because there is Twitter for celebrities to write down their daily affirmations in before they forget.

Rinse! Lather! Repeat! Diddy (@iamdiddy) gives us some good life advice.

Living the single life sounds really exciting Joe Jonas (@JoeJonas). Maybe you saw those Demi Lovato bikini pics and are just feeling footloose and fancy-free?

Seriously. Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) now has a perfume inspired by her favorite food, ringpops. Shit is out of control.

I think that’s basically your word of the year, Nick Cannon (@NickCannon). Did we mention your wife just made a perfume out of ring pops? Just because she can?

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