Cristiano Ronaldo’s Armani Ad Proves: Other Countries’ Sports Stars Hotter Than Ours

You may not be following the 2010 World Cup as closely as all those other people who pretend to care about sports 1-2 months out of the year (depending on the Olympics), but its hard not to notice that non-American soccer dudes are hot. Excuse us, non-American footballers. I mean, the fact that our country recruited David Beckham was probably a good tip-off that we don’t have the sexy studs that even the Brits do. Not that sports are all about hot guys. That’s just why we watch them.

Take Cristiano Ronaldo, the Spanish-born soccer star that’s playing for Portugal during the World Cup. Armani has made Cristiano’s face (and abs) the center of its new campaign, and we have to say it’s a huge relief from looking at Michael Phelps or A-Rod.

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